Our mission

The primary task of the Hungarian Tinnitus Association is to give an expert helping hand to those suffering from tinnitus.

In Hungary, many people are affected by chronic tinnitus, and not all the specialists are well-informed about this disease. Many people who have had to go through a lot of afflictions for many years turn to us very often.

Paying attention to the latest international results, we inform those turning to us continuously. Our members can also share their own personal experiences with others at our afternoon and other organized programs, where we are looking forward to see everyone suffering from tinnitus. We hold accredited courses for doctors so that everyone has the opportunity to recovery and relief.

Our goals are as follows:

● Getting as wide circle of people as possible to be aware of the tinnitus as a symptom and the cure thereof.

● Providing the most adequate information to those suffering from tinnitus. This means giving information on symptoms, the most efficient cures and therapies, the experts and health bodies participating in curing. Besides, our further aim is to help the most effective cure possible of those suffering from tinnitus.

● Training of the experts participating in the cure of tinnitus, and providing a forum on constant connections and exchanging of experiences.

● Keeping connections with the state health bodies.

Chair: Dr. László Szalai psychologist

Deputy chair: Dr. Tibor Várkonyi lawyer

Secretary: Kiss Zoltánné Éva

Information line: 06-1-410 8811